FP: 中國海外影響力行動的長臂 (Part 2)

作者:Danielle Pletka
來源:Foreign Policy
日期:Apr 27, 2023


  • 美國公民批評美國兩黨打擊中國影響行動太過排外,但他們還是迫切需要揭露北京的意圖。
  • 中國買家曾想要購買美國和英國的私立學校。因此,美國國會議員提出立法,禁止中共或解放軍擁有的私立學校和軍事學院接受美國政府教育資金。
  • 中國在澳洲租借與美國軍事基地相鄰的港口,致使美國國會討論是否重新審查北京附屬公司購買美國土地。
  • 雖然加拿大人擁有的美國土地還是比中國公司多,但中國人對美國農田的所有權正在增加。目前,美國國會正在審查中國對美國農田的所有權,因為這些農田可能很靠近美國的軍事基地。美國國會也逐步撰寫法案以限制未來的類似購買。


  • 北京的影響力運作主要針對華人,並將其視為可能的招募對象或操作主體。
  • 習近平不斷稱呼華人為中華民族的一部分。雖然有的華人並不認同北京的做法,但這些華人僑民也有被誤認為中共間諜的風險存在。
  • 美國政府和其他擁有大量華人社區的國家必須準確定位中國在其社會中的影響行動,協助面臨風險的群體,並說服他們對抗北京的影響力。
  • 雖然習近平正在加強對中國政府、人民和經濟的控制,但世界將對其善意意圖持懷疑態度。北京還推出了法律,明確命令海外的中國個人和公司與政府分享任何訊息或為政府服務。

Countering Chinese influence operation

  • US citizens criticized US bipartisan focus on countering Chinese influence operations as xenophobic, but it is urgent to expose Beijing's intentions.
  • Chinese buyers had eyed purchasable private schools in US and UK. Therefore, US Congressmen introduced legislation banning CCP- and PLA-owned private schools and military academies from receiving US government or education.
  • The US Congress is reviewing land purchases by Beijing-affiliated companies in the US after Australia leased a port with US military base adjacent to it.
  • Although Canadians still own more US land than Chinese companies, Chinese ownership of US farmland is increasing. However, Congress is scrutinizing Chinese ownership of US farmlands because it is proximal to US military bases and writing bills to restrict similar purchases in the future.

Dangers of Courting the Chinese Diaspora

  • Beijing directed its influence operation mainly to the Chinese diaspora as potential recruits or subjects of operations.
  • Xi Jinping constantly called the ethnically Chinese part of the Chinese nation. Despite not sharing Beijing's agenda, there are risks of these Chinese diaspora being characterized as a spy for the CCP.
  • The US government and other countries with large Chinese communities must pinpoint Chinese influence operations within the society, assist groups at risk, and persuade them to counter Beijing's influence attempt.
  • While Xi Jinping is tightening his control over all elements of the Chinese government, people, and economy, the world will be skeptical of its benign intentions. Beijing also introduced laws explicitly ordering overseas PRC individuals and companies to share any information with the government or do the government's bidding.