WotR: 精準的轟炸:將精準性做為核心來考慮如何擴大彈藥儲備 (Part 4) 

作者/Author(s): Trevor Phillips-Levine, Andrew Tenbusch, Walker D. Mills, Dylan "Joose" Phillips-Levine, and Collin Fox 

原文來源/Source: War on the Rocks 

日期/Date: 01/25/2023 

主題/Key Topics: Military, Drone Warfare, Future of War



  • 小型無人機可以帶著一些資源隱蔽地接近它們的目標。它們可以成為地面部隊的助力,協助承擔行動風險。除此之外,軍隊可以在沒有大型車輛支持的情況下輕鬆運輸無人機。 
  • 烏克蘭已經成功展示了如何用無人機投放非導引彈藥進行轟炸。這些炸彈配備了3D列印的穩定尾翼,以提高其精度,其準確度不輸制導炸彈。 
  • 小型無人機可以在較低的高度執行短程轟炸任務。然而,如果任務時間較長,固定翼無人機可以在更高的高度飛行,以避免被發現,並且更安全地躲避地面火力。在這種情況下,仍然需要導引彈藥 
  • 如果由人工駕駛控制固定翼無人機,可以根據計算的準確度和目標距離使用非導引彈藥
  • 如果小型無人機在電池技術或燃料電池方面有所改進,它們就可以攜帶更重的負載並擴大其操作範圍。還有專利可以將非導引迫擊炮轉化為精密武器,以補充其他高精度系統。 
  • 在2016年,美國幾乎用盡了它們所有的導引彈藥,因此引發了取代更便宜武器的辯論。 
  • 國防工業和從業人員可以把精度視為整合系統能力和所需效果的過程。其目的是以所需的最小能力實現預期目標。決策者可以評估使用沒有導引彈藥或改進無導引彈藥的投送平台就可以完成任務。如果不能,他們再採用精密彈藥。 
  • 軍事準備評估必須包括對衝突期間補給能力的評估。美國可以透過創新系統和利用現有庫存來替代尖端精確武器,以緩解一些後勤問題 
The Rise of Weaponized Drones? 
  • Small drones can get very close to their target stealthily with some payload. They can be a force multiplier for ground forces and are highly risk-worthy. Further, the army can transport them easily without large vehicle support. 
  • Ukraine has shown successful bomb runs with unguided munitions dropped from drones. The bombs were equipped with 3D-printed stabilizing fins to increase their precision, and their accuracy is comparable to guided ones. 
  • Small drones can execute short bomb runs at a lower altitude. However, if a mission is longer, a fixed-winged drone can fly at a higher altitude to avoid detection and is safer from ground fire. In this case, guided munitions are still needed. 
  • If an artificial pilot controls a fixed-winged drone, unguided munition can be used depending on the accuracy of computer calculation and the target range. 
  • Once small drones have an improvement in battery technology or fuel cells, they can carry heavier payloads and extend their operating range. There are also patents to turn unguided mortars into precision weapons to complement other exquisite systems. 
The Spectrum of Requirements: Unguided, Kit, Exquisite 
  • The US almost ran out of precision-guided munitions in 2016, which started the debate on substituting cheaper weapons. 
  • The defense industry and practitioners can think of precision as integrating the system's capability and the desired effect. The aim is to achieve the desired goal with the minimum capability required. The decision maker can evaluate whether using a delivery platform without unguided or modified unguided munitions can complete the mission. If not, they can resort to precision munitions.
  • Military readiness assessments must include the evaluation of the ability to restock during a conflict. The US can substitute high-end precision weapons by innovating the system and utilizing existing inventories to alleviate some logistical problems.